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Clinicians: Request Kits

Aperiomics’ mission is to support you in providing the best possible care for your patients.  Getting started using our service is easy – just click on the button below and complete the simple form.  There is no cost to set up an account or request collection kits to have on hand for your patients.


Patients: Request Kits

If you would like to have your doctor run our testing for you, simple click on the button below and complete the simple form.  We will send you a collection kit and some information to take to your doctor.  We will give you a call once your request is received to confirm your order and answer any questions.  Payment is made by check or credit card when you submit your sample for testing.



Why do I need to test multiple samples at one time?2017-07-10T19:51:48+00:00

In some cases, if there is not a clear, single site of infection, we will request that multiple samples be collected and tested.  We cannot identify the microorganism(s) causing infection unless it is physically collected in the samples.  Thus, we will request multiple sample to ensure the best possible results.

Is there anything I need to be careful of when shipping my samples?2017-07-10T19:52:40+00:00

When collected as instructed, samples are rendered non-infectious and stable at ambient temperatures for up to 30 days.  The supplies shipping materials will return your sample next-day, and thus no special concerns are needed when shipping your samples back to Aperiomics.

Do I need to discontinue any medications or treatment before testing?2017-07-10T19:52:59+00:00

For us to get the best possible sample, it is typically recommended that all anti-infective treatments be stopped 3 days prior to sample collection.  This should be discussed with your healthcare provider.  All anti-infective treatments should be listed on your requisition form.

Do I need to refrigerate or freeze my biological samples?2017-07-10T19:53:32+00:00

No.  Our specialized collection kits contain a solution that renders your samples non-infections and keeps the genetic material that we need intact for up to 30 days at room temperature.  Combined with our supplied packing materials, it also makes it safe for shipping… so no need to worry.

How do I know what type of sample(s) to have tested and what collection kits to order?2017-07-10T19:53:53+00:00

Your physician should be able to tell you which kit or kits you’ll need to help identify the pathogens causing your illness.  While a single kit may be needed, in some instances patients may require additional kits (blood, swab, urine, fecal, tissue or semen) to capture the pathogens at the suspected source of the infection.  We won’t be able to give the best information if the microbes causing the issue aren’t collected in the kit!


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