Pathogen Detection

Aperiomics Xplore-Patho® is the first and only test able to identify every known bacterium, virus, fungus, and parasite.

Uncover the specific causes of infections, solve medical mysteries, and provide a path to better patient care.

Aperiomics Xplore-COVID-19™ testing is now available.

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Microbiome Characterization

Aperiomics Xplore-MicroBiome℠ is a bioinformatic platform that can characterize any microorganism from any sample.

Learn more about our industry-leading next-generation sequencing.


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Aperiomics: The Way Forward

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About Aperiomics

Aperiomics was founded on the belief that we can shift the paradigm of microbial identification, empowering providers, researchers, and institutions with the tools they need to deliver superior outcomes. We are experienced clinicians and researchers who are passionate about leveraging the power of technology to advance human health and quality of life.

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