Aperiomics, Leader in DNA Detection of Infectious Diseases, Names Jiang Liu Bioinformatics Scientist

Ashburn, VA – January 16, 2018 — Aperiomics, the only company in the world that identifies every bacteria, virus, fungi and parasite in one test, today announced that Jiang Liu has joined the company as a bioinformatics scientist.

Jiang joins the research and development team at Aperiomics after earning a PhD in microbiology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  He is working to improve and streamline the quality control process of Aperiomics’ pathogen testing service.  Soon he will be data mining patient metagenomic results to look for correlations and common denominators between pathogens, symptoms and disease.

Aperiomics is expanding quickly, adding staff and services to accomodate the growing number of doctors and patients who count on the company to help identify pathogens that cause chronic and serious infections. Aperiomics not only helps patients avoid the time and expense of thousands of trial-and-error tests, but it has helped solve some very difficult and long-standing medical cases.

“Jiang is the fourth member of the team we’ve added recently and we’re excited to have him aboard,” said Crystal Icenhour, co-founder and CEO. “He will help make our unique methodology even more accurate, faster and more accessible.”

Jiang is from Xi’an in the central part of China and came to the U.S. in 2011.  In his spare time, he enjoys watching NBA games and considers himself a pretty good poker player among other card games.


About Aperiomics

Aperiomics is the only company identifying every bacteria, DNA virus, fungi and parasite in one test.  Clinicians and patients call on Aperiomics to identify infectious diseases that other tests cannot identify. The only company of its kind and scope in the world, Aperiomics identifies every known pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite) in a single test through deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing of the DNA in any sample (patient, environmental, etc.).  The complete genetic fingerprint of that sample is then compared to the Aperiomics Microbial Database™- the most comprehensive database of microorganisms, including the world’s largest collection of pathogens.  This breakthrough is only possible through Aperiomics and can be used to identify unknown/chronic infections, limit the use of antibiotics and solve difficult medical cases. Patients and their families often contact Aperiomics directly after hearing about our successes in helping others.  Aperiomics is supported by the National Science Foundation and was named Life Sciences Innovators of the Year in 2016 and a finalist in the 2017 Greater Washington Innovation Awards.  For more information, visit www.aperiomics.com or call (703) 229-0406.